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ART 101 Week 9 Final project Art Timeline

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In the final project, you assume the role of a museum curator who receives the following e-mail from the director of the museum:


Following a meeting with our museum’s web design team, it is now my priority to improve the content of our museum’s website. We decided on an interactive timeline focused on one art medium. It is your responsibility to choose one art form such as a painting or sculpture for the timeline. You must also have a common theme for the artwork you select. If you were to choose sculpture, your theme might be 20th-century sculpture.


Whatever your selected focus is, make sure you do not make the timeline too long. Ten works of art should suffice. After selecting the 10 works of art, write a short paragraph to accompany each one. You have approximately 9 weeks for this project before you turn over your selected artworks and content to the design team.


Select one art media on which to focus. Examples include:


·         Painting

·         Architecture

·         Performance art

·         Film

·         Others


Whereas these are broad areas, you must select a single medium, then make your timeline focused on that single medium.


Research the Internet or Grove Art Online in the Oxford Art Online database in the University of Phoenix Online library, and find 10 representative examples of your chosen medium that are thematically connected. Examples of thematically linked art media include the following:


·         Linear perspective in European paintings

·         Black-and-white film noir

·         Greek figural sculpture

·         International video art


Organize, in a Microsoft® Word document, the 10 works in chronological order and include a 100-word paragraph for each in short essay form.


Format your timeline consistent with APA guidelines.

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ART 101 Week 9 Capstone DQ

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Write a 200- to 300-word summary of the following questions:


·         How are the arts in your community supported by various agencies and citizens?

·         Do you think there is enough or not enough support of the arts by these entities? Explain why or why not.

What is your role in the creation and support of art in your community?

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ART 101 Week 8 DQ 2

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Using Internet resources, find one example of installation art. Describe the artwork you have found, including the title, artist, year created, and where it is installed. What is the meaning of the work? How does the meaning relate to what the artist has created? Provide your personal reaction to your chosen work and comment on each other’s examples of installation art.

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ART 101 Week 8 CheckPoint Comparison of Three Sculptures

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Resource: Podcast David vs. David; p. 49 in Ch. 3, pp. 130–131 in Ch. 7, & pp. 452–453 in Ch. 19 of A World of Art


View the David vs. David podcast on MyArtsLab. Follow these directions:


·         Click on the link to MyArtsLab

·         Select Videos and Podcasts

·         Select Ch. 7, David vs. David
Examine the sculptures of Donatello’s David (Early Renaissance), Michelangelo’s David (High Renaissance), and Bernini’s David (Baroque). 


Write a 300- to 350-word comparison of the different styles of the David sculptures by these three artists.

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ART 101 Week 7 Individual Architecture and Function

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Review Ch. 15, p. 429 in Ch. 17, & Ch. 18 of A World of Art.

Create a 5- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation which includes the following:


·         Two examples of architecture from Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, respectively

·         Brief explanations of elements of architecture as they relate to specific aspects of each religion

·         Names of types of buildings associated with each religion

·         A separate slide with references


Format your citations consistent with APA guidelines.

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ART 101 Week 7 CheckPoint Greek and Roman Architecture

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Resource: Ch. 15 of A World of Art

Write a summary comparing the characteristics and innovations of each Greek and Roman architecture in 200 to 300 words.

Provide two representative examples of architecture for each Greek and Roman cultures.


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ART 101 Week 6 DQ 1

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Explore the daguerreotype process at The Metropolitan Museum of Art website: . In your opinion, what is the most significant difference between the daguerreotype process and modern photography? How do early and modern photos differ in the creative process of image production?

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