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GEN 105 Week 9 Final Project Student Survival Guide

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 Resources: Appendix A

• Compile a 1,000- to 1,250-word survival guide that will serve as a resource for you throughout your program. Using what you have learned in class, develop personal action plans for the following topics:

o Using Axia’s Educational Resources

o Upholding Academic Honesty

o Setting and Achieving Goals

o Managing Time Wisely

o Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention

o Applying Personality and Learning Styles

• Recall that if you need to submit any written or visual work other than your own, be sure to provide the name of the original author along with the related content and the title of the work. When referring to an electronic source, provide the Web link.

• Post your Student Survival Guide as an attachment

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GEN 105 Week 8 DQ 1 And DQ 2

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Week 8 DQ 1

Complete the Multiple Pathways to Learning assessment (pp. 41-44) and the Personality Spectrum assessment (pp. 45-48) in Ch. 2 of Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, and relate the results to your personal study habits.

• Post your response to the following: How can you use the study techniques recommended for your personality type and strongest intelligence(s) to function best in a
distance learning environment? Which techniques can you use to improve lessdeveloped personality areas or intelligences?


Week 8 DQ 2

Resource: Multiple Intelligence CheckPoint responses provided by the Instructor
Post your response to the following: What learning similarities and differences are apparent in the different CheckPoint responses? What is the importance of knowing your personal learning strengths in addition to those of your classmates? How can this knowledge be beneficial to collaborative work completed in an online learning

GEN 105 Week 8 CheckPoint Multiple Intelligences

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Conduct research online regarding the strongest of your multiple intelligences. Find three Web sites which accurately describe that intelligence. If you identified more than one dominant intelligence, choose only one for your research. Note that your classmates will be reviewing your responses in Discussion Question 2, so make sure that your answers are complete.

• Post the following information:

o Links to the three Web sites that describe the intelligence

o A 50-word description, written by you, of your strongest intelligence

o A 50-word summary describing how each site either reinforced or contradicted something about yourself

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GEN 105 Week 7 CheckPoint Reading and Comprehension

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• Resources: Ch. 4 of Keys to College Studying, 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation

• Use the reading 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation to carefully time yourself as you read the article. When finished, calculate your words-per-minute reading rate using the instructions from p. 140 of the text.

• Summarize main points from the reading into a short, bulleted list. Then provide your answers to the following questions in a 200-to 300-word response:

o What was your approach to reading the selection?

o What was your reading setting?

o How did you minimize distractions?

o Did you become emotionally involved?

o Which of the four reading purposes did you employ? You can list more than one.

o List new vocabulary terms, and provide their definitions.

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GEN 105 Week 7 Assignment Reading and Retention

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• Resources: pp. 155-167 & 175-182 of Keys to College Studying: Becoming an Active Thinker, and Appendix G

• Select a chapter reading from the previous week.

• Apply the SQ3R reading technique to your selected reading.

• Use Appendix G to describe the actions you took during each step of the process and to answer the wrap-up question.

• Post your completed Appendix G as an attachment.

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GEN 105 Week 6 DQ 1 And DQ 2

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Week 6 DQ 1

How do you spend most of your time? Do you think that your time is managed effectively? Explain your reasons.

Week 6 DQ 2

How do you decide which items on your schedule to prioritize on a daily and weekly basis? Which goal from the Setting Goals CheckPoint could you map to daily and weekly deliverables, and what timeframes would you assign to ensure you meet the goal deadline?

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GEN 105 Week 6 CheckPoint Time Management Activity

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Time-management skills are critical to your academic and personal success. Conducting an informal observation and evaluation of your own time management skills can provide insight into how and when you most effectively use your time. When you have identified your priorities, you can use this knowledge to make appropriate changes to be a more effective time manager.
• Resource: Appendix F

• Complete a time-management log of one of your “typical” day’s activities using AppendixF. When the table is complete, answer the wrap-up questions.

• Post your completed Appendix F as an attachment.

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GEN 105 Week 5 CheckPoint Setting Goals

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1. Identify two of your long-term education or career goals. Your goals may be careeroriented, academic, or personal in nature. (“I will become the head of my company’s graphics department” is an example of a long-term goal.)

2. Break these two long-term goals into several short-term goals that you hope to accomplish within a relatively short time. (“I will learn how to use my company’s new graphics software” is one short-term goal that would need to be accomplished before someone could become the head of a graphics department.)

3. For each of your short-term goals, list a specific deadline you wish to accomplish the goal by (for example, “I will accomplish this goal by the end of  ext month”). Describe how you will accomplish the goal (for example, “I will enroll in a professional development course”).

4. Prioritize all goals in order of importance.

5. Describe how each goal is specific, is moderately difficult but not impossible to achieve, and aligns to your values.

• Post your completed list to the Individual forum.

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GEN 105 Week 5 Assignment Mastering a Skill

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There are some skills that virtually all people use every day. There are some skills that only a few people have, but all people should master.

• Think about a skill that most people do not have but could benefit from mastering. Why would people benefit from having this skill? What are the consequences of not having this skill?

• Write an essay to persuade your instructor that all people should master this certain skill.

• Post your completed 750-word essay as an attachment.

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